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Laser Diode Blue

M140 M-Type Laser Diode · 445nm · 5.6mm · 2W · 2-Watt Blue Beam · TO-18


Nichia NUBM06 Laser Diode - 4W+ - 445nm - TO-5 / 9mm - G-Ball Lens - Blue 5W


M140 A-Type Laser Diode * 445nm * 5.6mm * 1.6W 1.8W Blue Beam * TO-18 * A140


NICHIA NUBM08 9mm Blue 450nm 4.75W+ Laser Diode with Ball Lens(Tin-Pin)


2w Blue Laser Diode m140 M-TYPE 445NM 450nm Blau 5.6mm diode to fit laser module


NICHIA NUBM08 4.75W 450nm High Power Multi-LD Lens/ Blue Laser Diode/TIN-PIN New


Laser Diode Housing w/ 3 Element Lens - 9mm / TO-5 - 12mm x 30mm SOLID BACK Blue


405nm Violet/Blue Laser Diode 3 Frame Collimating Coated Glass Focusing Lens


High quality 1.6W-2W 450nm 445nm blue laser diode driver Constant current


20mm Osram PLTB450B 1.6W 450nm Blue Laser Diode In Copper W/Leads


450nm 445nm 15w 15000mw High-Power Blue Laser Diode Module Engraving Wood Metal


Laser Diode Head Engraving Emitter Blue-violet Light NEJE 1500mW Engraver ONLY


2pcs 445nm 450nm Blue 1W 1.4W 2W Laser Diode Driver Board Adjustable Current


NICHIA NUBM08 9mm Blue 450nm 4.75W+ Laser Diode with Ball Lens(Brand New)


450nm 500mW-4.5W Blue Laser Diode Driver Board 12V Step-down Circuit f NDB7A75


1500mW Laser Diode Head Module 405nm Blue-violet Light 5V for NEJE Engraver USA


NICHIA NUBM07E 9mm Blue 465nm 3.5W Laser Diode with Ball Lens(Brand New)


445nm 450nm blue laser diode driver fit 1w ~ 6w adjustable 5A with TTL


Nichia NUBM08 450nm 4.75W High Power Blue Laser Diode/ Burner LD w/ lens/Tin-pin


445nm blue laser diode housing for 9mm mount with adjustable coated glass lens


2A Blue Laser Diode Driver/For 1W-1.6W-2W-3.5W 450nm Blue Laser Diode/TTL


Industrial 445nm Blue Laser Diode TTL Driver/12V 1.2A


1.6W 1600mW Blue 445nm Laser Diode TO-18 5.6mm


NICHIA NUBM07 465nm 3.5W Blue Laser Diode/Mount with Ball Lens/TO5 9mm/Clean-Tin


55-mW Blue Laser Diode


2A Analogue Blue Laser Diode Driver/For 1W-1.6W-2W-3.5W-5W Blue Laser Diode


2W / 2000mW 445nm Blue Laser Diode TO-18 5.6mm M140


405nm Blue Laser Diode 100mA Invert PWM Driver 2.7-6Vin


G2 Laser Collimation lens for 405-450nm Blue laser diode/Blue laser focus lens


NICHIA NUBM46 5W+ Blue laser Diode/TO5 9mm Laser Diode/9mm /1pcs


450nm 1.6W Blue Laser Engraver Engraving Module Driver Board Diode Cutter


Engraving Laser Diode Blue-violet light for NEJE 1500mW Engraver Only


NICHIA NUBM08 455nm 4.75W Laser Diode/Blue Laser Diode/BRAND NEW 1 PCS


104mA constant Current driver 405nm Blue laser diode